Thank you so much for your interest in receiving notifications about Advanced Review Copies (ARCs) of books by any/all of Abigail's pen names.


Please pay close attention to what each pen name offers as they are widely varied!

  • Abigail Owen - paranormal romance & ya fantasy romance
  • Kadie Scott - steamy contemporary romance, cowboy romance, & rom coms
  • Kristen McKanagh - sweet contemporary romance & Amish romance

Here's what we're looking for in an ARC Reader:

  1. You've read and enjoyed other books by Abigail Owen / Kadie Scott / and/or Kristen McKanagh.
  2. You have reviewed other book(s) by Abigail Owen / Kadie Scott / and/or Kristen McKanagh on Amazon, Goodreads, and/or your blog in the past.
  3. You have a good review history already established on Amazon and/or Goodreads. (In other words, your reviews aren't only for Abigail/Kadie/Kristen's books. You do review other books regularly.)
  4. You are willing and able to read an ARC provided by the author and/or her publisher and leave your personal, honest review by within 1 week of the release day (at the latest). (Most ARCs are sent out 2-6 weeks in advance.)
  5. You fill out the form properly (any incomplete forms will automatically be deleted).

LIMITED ARCs: Assuming you meet the above criteria, only a limited number of ARCs are distributed for each new book (sometimes limited further by contracts or managed by the publisher), so signing up does not guarantee you will get a copy every time. Signing up for this list simply means you are interested in receiving notifications for new book ARCs when they are available.

REVIEW AGREEMENT: When you receive an ARC, you are agreeing to READ the complete book sent to you and POST your personal, honest review on Goodreads, Amazon (and/or other book retailers) within 1 WEEK of the release date. If you finish sooner, feel free to post earlier. In addition, social media posts and blog posts are also always appreciated!

FORMAT: Books may come to you as PDFs via BookFunnel, Netgalley links, or periodically (managed & distributed by the publisher) via print book mailings. 

ABILITY TO PASS: Once on the ARC reader list, you'll have the option to pass on any given book for whatever reason (no time, not interested in that one, it's raining that day, whatever). No harm, no foul, and you'll still be on the ARC notification list for future releases.

MATURITY WARNING: Note that books by the Abigail Owen or Kadie Scott pen names may include "open door" sex scenes with potentially explicit language. By requesting an ARC for those pen name(s) you acknowledge that you are okay with that, won't ding the review for that (because you were warned and decided to read it anyway), AND that you are over 18.

NO PIRATES: No tolerance for book pirates. Please respect the author's copyright. Which means you will NOT give out the ARC file to friends, family, acquaintances, humans, online forms, or robots. You will NOT upload the ARC file to a pirate (also called "file-sharing") site. Nor anything else that violates the trust she is placing in you with the result of her hard work & ability to feed her family.

Once you're on the ARC readers list you stay on the list until any of the following happen:

  • YOU request to be removed at any time (by clicking the "unsubscribe" link in the footer of any given email notification)
  • You miss a review deadline more than twice in a row.
  • You consistently are passing on books and/or not responding. (We don't want to clog up your email, and most ARCs are distributed to a limited # of early copy readers. If you're not regularly reading/reviewing, then you are taking the space of someone who wants to.) 
  • Reviews are consistently negative in tone (we're talking book after book here folks). This is in NO WAY intended to influence your personal and 100% honest review. We would never do that. However, if you find you are consistently not enjoying these books, then we don't want to waste your valuable time continuing to send them to you.
  • Reviews include hate language of any kind directed toward other people/groups.
  • Reviews are negative toward other authors in any way.
  • We reserve the right to remove you from the ARC reader list for any reason we deem necessary. (Not that we really see this happening, but, you CYA, blah, blah, blah.)

After ALL that (LOL), if you're still interested, please fill out the form below!

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